Monday 30 January 2023

OpenCPN Add Waypoints Into A Route

 A quick and easy way to put in additional waypoints into a ready made route. 

Route created running across the land, not much thought to what's in the way.

Right click on the route in a location you feel a new waypoint should be, don't be too precise as these can be easily moved later. Then select insert new waypoint, in this example I will insert two waypoints but due to the scale of the chart they were not displayed.

After zooming in the new waypoints are visible, the default route waypoint icon is displayed 

To move the waypoint into a location so the route will pass the obstruction the waypoint properties box will need to be open (this is dependant on the setting of the lock waypoint option in Options/Ships/Routes/Points). With this option set accidental movement of any waypoint will not be possible unless the properties box for that waypoint is open.

Waypoint properties box is open waypoint can then be moved by click and dragging into a place to miss the obstruction, and place us in the East Coast Current. 

Both the new waypoints have been moved, this part of the route is now clear and other obsticals cane be looked for. 

At a scale similar to the first example.

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OpenCPN Add Waypoints Into A Route

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