Tuesday 31 December 2019

December Newsletter

News from the Crew of Matilda
December  2019
This was a special moment, our sailing friends Helen & Lester on their beautiful Joule came out to welcome us home........and they had a wonderful surprise install for us.
Ships log 

  • December 1: 58.9nm's to Mourilyan Harbour. Anchored at 17 36.35S, 146 07.47E in 4.8mtrs.
  • December 2: 65.8nm's to Orpheous Island. Anchored at 18 35.732S, 146 29.221E in 13.3mtrs.
  • December 3 & 4: 158nm's to Grassy Island, The Whitsundays. Anchored at 20 09.305S, 148 36.447E in 7.1mtrs.
  • December 5: 10.4nm's to Muddy Bay, Airlie. Anchored at 20 15.58S, 148 43.26E in 5.1mtrs.
  • December 5: 32.5nm's to Shaw Island, Southern anchorage. Anchored at 20 31.27S, 149 03.43E in 9.8mtrs.
  • December 7 & 8: 199nm's to Great Keppel Island. Anchored at 23 11.523S, 150 56.052E in 5.5mtrs.
  • December 11: 54.69nm's to Gladstone, Facing Island. Anchored at 23 51.707S, 151 21.420E in 5mtrs.
  • December 12 & 14: 314nm's to Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club (MBTBC) in a pen - HOME.

Crew log:
December saw us complete 3 1/2 years from Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club (MBTBC) to SE Asia and back. On our journey we traveled a total of 19,338nm's. Not bad for a couple who mainly only sailed in Moreton Bay. We went to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Borneo-Kalimantan (Indonesia end) and had a ball. We landed almost in the same pen as we left from on December 14 2016.

Sandy has been a FB friend from WWSA for many years. It is very rare these days to come across someone who is so incredibly generous with their time and affection. Sandy ran us around in her car to gather loads of supplies, then had us back to Matilda before the northerly blow returned so we could move her to a safer anchorage - being Shaw Island.

On our way to Shaw Island we sailed (yes sailed, not motored) past Solway Lass under full sail - isnt she magnificent.

GKI is still suffering from the effects of erosion after enduring two cyclone's: Marcia in Feb. 2015 and  Debbie in April 2017. These are the largest sand bags we have ever seen.

GKI has to be the prettiest island on Australia's east coast we reckon.

Deb at the big sharks mouth on GKI and happy to be here.

There are some very good walks on GKI. Here Bruce is trying to work out which is the best way to go.

Captain B, taking in the view of Long Beach - its really beautiful.

I love this shot looking towards the main land.

GKI over looking the anchorage off the resort.

Not sure if these are a good thing or a bad thing but because most of the resort is now defunct the goats are taking over.

On another walk we spotted Matilda at anchor through the trees.

Heading into Gladstone under Facing Island, we had to stop and let this big boy pass.

Arriving on Australia's east coast meant as we traveled south we saw the effects of the devastating fires. This is smoke haze,,,,it looked eerie.

Anchored at Facing Island the sunset was showing us the effects of the fires.

After leaving Gladstone, Facing Island we did two nights out to reach Brisbane as there were many storms around. These two Booby birds joined us on our first night out and by morning we actually had 5 on the pulpit. The poo was dreadful but they were incredibly comforting at the same time. 

After all this time the main finally gave in as we sailed past Noosa. There were some cracking storms over us, and a gust of wind changing direction did her in. The sound of the dacron ripping was heart breaking.

Not long after the rip occurred the wind really cranked up and just as Bruce was about to drop the damaged main sail it really gave way.

After two nights out and feeling dog tired our friends appeared from the haze over Brisbane to welcome us home.

Lester was yelling out that they had something to show us and for some funny reason i thought they were going to bring out a puppy. But to our amazement Lisa popped out of the companion way - OMG it brought tears to our eyes, everyone was so excited.

And we have her on board after we saddled up close to Joule, just brilliant. Joule easing back nicely with Lester clicking his camera like mad. 

Lisa and Bruce - happy days.

Having a bit of fun, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

And we are done for now. Matilda back in a pen for a well earn't rest and we get to enjoy Christmas with family and friends.
What a way to finish off the year, we have Matilda on the front cover of Cruising Helmsman. Jeremy took this shot as we sailed with our big blue spinnaker up past Lombok, Indonesia. Then in January 2020 Bruce had his article on washing machines on-board published - congratulations Captain!!