Wonderful Sail2Indonesia Rally 2016

Click here for Bruce's check list for cruising Indonesia

There are two rally's that sail from Australia to Indonesia. 'Sail Indonesia' departs from Darwin and the 'Wonderful Sail-2-Indonesia' (S2I) which departs from Cairns. This rally sails up to Thursday Island and then on to Tual, Indonesia which is aprox. 700 nautical miles from Thursday Island. We choose the S2I rally as it also includes a tour of the Spice Islands which appeals to us.

Our rally was organised by Lyn and John Martin of The Island Cruising Association - (ICA). In 2016 the cost to join was $550 and we also need to join the ICA to support the group and that cost was $65.

In our preparations for our first trip overseas on Matilda to Indonesia, we considered the following by referring to the S2I webpage, consulting others who have gone before us, those who are still in Asia and a lot our own research.

It wasn't a cheap exercise, but one we felt was worth the expense to get there. Most boats spent between AU$15,000 and AU$25,000 depending on their needs. The following is a list of what we did and what we ended up with. Followed by a small brief on the 20 stops during the rally.

If you are reading this and want more information contact Raymond T Lesmana. Ray is here for all your needs and is very helpful. He is the main man for the rally. Email Ray on: raymondlesmana@ymail.com or friend Ray on Facebook: Raymond T Lesmana.

We are always happy to chat about our travels. Feel free to write to us at svmatilda@hotmail.com

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Blogs, books, guides and websites we found useful
Boat Cards
Boat Stamp
Country Flags
Extra fuel and water
FADs, Fishing Boats and Nets
Gas cylinder refills and Gas Bottles
General running around while in Cairns
Health - inoculations, mosquito & midge repellents and after care, health in general
Internet & Mobile Phone coverage
Insurance for your Vessel & your Health (Travel)
Maintenance, Repairs and Running Around Preparations while in Cairns.
Money Matters - Rupiah, access to your money, TRS
Navigation and Communication Equipment
Tips Prior to Departure

Lists of mechanical/rigging & general breakdowns and illnesse & accidents for the fleet while on the rally.

Bruce's Indo check list can be read here

20 Stops are per the rally schedule, plus a few extras.
  1. Stop 1: Tual - July 20 - 25.  Including Quarantine, Immigration and Customs
  2. Stop 2: Banda Island - Spice Islands July 26 - 31 2016
  3. Stop 3: Namrole, Buru Island. August 1- 5 2016
  4. Stop 4: Wanci, Wangi Wangi Island, Wakatobi. August 6 - 12 2016
  5. Extra stop: Hoga Island August 12 - 14 2016
  6. Stop 5: Leba Leba Bay, Lowoleba, Lembata Island. August 15 - 16 2016
  7. Stop 6: Sagu Bay, Adonara Island - we did not stop here due to a good run and plus a little thief is here who boards your boat while you anchor and steals fishing rods so be warned.
  8. Extra stop: Tanjung Gedong August 16 - 17 August, over night stop only.
  9. Stop 7: Maumere, Flores Island. August 17 - 24 2016
  10. Stop 8: Maurole, Flores Island. We didn't stop here.Due to many reports the anchorage can be extremely rolly. We are glad we didn't stop as the reports proved true.
  11. Extra stop: Nangarujong 24 - 25 August, over night stop only.
  12. Extra stop: Ciendah Bay 25 - 26 August, over night stop only.
  13. Stop 9: Riung, Flores Island. August 26 - September 1st 2016
  14. Extra Stop: Lingeh September 1st, over night stop only
  15. Extra Stop: Gili Bodo, September 2 - 4 2016
  16. Stop 10: Labuan Bajo, Flores Island, September 4 - 6 2016
  17. Extra stop: Loh Serau via Makassar Reef, September 6 2016
  18. Extra Stop: Kilo, Sumbawa Island, September 7, over night stop only
  19. Extra Stop: Kananga, Sumbawa Island, September 8, over night stop only
  20. Extra Stop: Gili Lawang, Lombok Island September 9, over night stop only
  21. Stop 11: Medana Bay, Lombok Island, September 10 2016
  22. Stop 12: Lovina Beach, North end of Bali Island, September 11 - October 12 2016
  23. Extra Stop: Bawean Island, October 13, 2016. Over night stop only.
  24. Stop 13: Karimunjawa, October 15, 2016. Over night stop only,
  25. Stop 14: Kalimantan - Central, Kumai River (Orangutans) - we didn't stop here. Boats dragged here which was problematic due to most people being on their Orangutan tours.
  26. Stop 15: Kalimantan - West, Ketapang  - we didn't stop here
  27. Stop 16: Sukadana, Dinner with the President - we didn't stop here. Glad we didn't as the about 5 fleet boats where damaged due to dragging. Some sustained substantial damage. The holding here is poor.
  28. Stop 17: Parai Beach Resort, Bangka. October 18, 2016. We stopped here over night only.
  29. Extra Stop: North East Bangka, October 19 - 21 2016
  30. Extra Stop: Panbatijang Island, October 22nd, 2016. Over night stop only.
  31. Stop 18: Lingga - Penuba - we didn't stop here
  32. Extra Stop: South Lingga, October 23 2016. Over night stop only.
  33. Extra Stop: Kongka Besar, October 24 2016. Over night stop only.
  34. Extra Stop: Kentar Island, October 25 2016. Over night stop only.
  35. Stop 19: Lingga - Benan. October 26 2016.
  36. Stop 20: Riau Islands - Tanjung Pinang. October 27 - 31 2016. Farewell.

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