Monday 30 January 2023

OpenCPN Stop Accidental Waypoint Moves

 How to stop accidentally moving waypoints.  

There is an option to lock the waypoints in place so they cannot be accidentally moved during normal operations. Don't worry it is still possible to move the waypoints later by click and dragging them, however to do this requires the Waypoint Properties dialogue box to be open, then simply drag the waypoint into the new place and let go. 

A big advantage to doing it this way is that these waypoints or routes can’t be accidentally changed, something I was previously always doing. Once a waypoint had accidentally been moved, it was hard to get it back to where it was previously even using the undo function,  as I have found the waypoint can often be moved a couple of times before being noticed as out of place.  

If you haven't set up your copy of OpenCPN to not allow waypoints to be accidentally moved the first thing to do is go here:  On the toolbar go to the Options/Ships/Routes/Points tab and select the button to lock the waypoints in place. 

Options Tab on the tool bar

Go to the Ships then open the tab Routes/Points.  Select the function to lock the waypoint ( unless waypoint property box is open)

Your done

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OpenCPN Stop Accidental Waypoint Moves

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