Monday 30 January 2023

OpenCPN Selecting default waypoint Icons

On the toolbar go to the Options/Ships/Routes/Points tab. 

On the page it's a good idea to set the default waypoint Icons that are created for New Routes. This is when using the Create Route option selected on the toolbar or (ctrl R). Normally the waypoint for this is a black circle with a dot in the middle, and while this is OK it can become hard to see, it depends on how cluttered the chart is. 

On the same page is the set the default waypoint Icons for new waypoints. I don't really have a preference for this I normally set it as an anchor, if I am doing chart work marking in anchorages. So choose something of your liking, remember it's not hard to select a new waypoint from the dropdown  list when making a new waypoint. 

Select the default icons, it's really a personal choice that can speed up your work if your making several waypoints of the same types. 

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