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Matilda at Anchor Cid Harbour, Whitsunday Island Queensland Australia

In March 2019 we learnt about Matilda's history. This is what I have so far. She was designed by Scott Sprague and built by Jack Hall in Thailand during 1990 in the Pantawee Marine Boatyard, which is still pumping out boats today, however under a new owner and he is producing catamarans. 
  • 1990 - 2002 is missing, but we know this: She was previously known as Sweet Thing and we think she was based in California during this time. The next owner changed her name to Patience and they sailed her down the east coast of the USA to Puerto Vallarta Marina in Mexico. She sat in the marina for some time until her next owner 'Colin' brought her. 
  • 2002 to 2006 she was brought by Colin who is an Australian and at the time had a dream of sailing to Spain. Colin renamed her to Maya III and sailed her from Mexico, all the way down the Pacific Central-American coast and through the Panama Canal. He unfortunately had an accident during a storm on deck nearing Columbia resulting in him needing back surgery, plus a further 5 months recovering. He ended up flying home to Australia for more treatment and had the boat delivered back to the pacific. Once well he enough flew to Fiji, sailed her home and checked in at Bundaberg and then sailed her down to Scarborough marina. Colin was preparing her to continue his sail to Spain when he had an unexpected offer and took it. Later using the funds to buy a boat in New Zealand, finally seeing out his dream of sailing to Spain via Chile, Argentia, Africa and the Azores. 
  • 2006 to 2010 she was owned by Mike & Michelle from Bundaberg. They took possession of her in 2006, renaming her to Friendship III. They bought her while she was in the Scarborough Marina, sailed her to Sydney, then back up to Bundaberg where we brought her. 
  • 2010 to current we are her custodians. She had another name change with us to Matilda. We have sailed her from our home port of Brisbane, Moreton Bay all the way down to Eden in New South Wales, sailed her extensively in The Whitsundays, Queensland and sailed up to the most northern tip of Australia to Cape York were we sailed off to Asia in July 2016.

The Layout of our Christina.

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