Friday 20 January 2023

Bahasa - English Chart Text Cross Reference

 A simple cross reference, Bahasa to English for the most commonly used text descriptors when using charts in the local language. However in most cases the charts, either electronic or paper for Indonesia and Malaysia will use the Bahasa names to give detail to the chart. We printed it, laminated it, and kept it near the chart table/radio and also did one for the cockpit  chartplotter. 

Batu            (Br) Rock
Bukit          (B)        Hill
Gosang      (Gs) Bank, Shoal
Gunung      (G) Mountain
Kantangan         Mud Flat
Karang       (Kr) Reef
Palau          (P) Island
Puncak         Peak
Selat         Strait
Tanjung      (Tg) Point
Teluk         (Tk) Bay
Ujung       (Ug)      Point
Besar         Big
Kesil         Small
Laut         Sea

We also made really good use of the Google Translate App however you need a phone/internet connection to make it work. 

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