Friday 13 May 2016

Light Switches

Make things easy to operate, after taking possession of our vessel we found the light switching didn’t follow any structure.  While there wasn’t any problem with the physical wiring, the problems stemmed from not knowing what way to turn the switch to select the red or white light.  Even the switches were in different orientations so to locate the light switch meant running your hand around the rim to first find the switch, and then it was pot luck selecting the right light. 

To overcome these problems we firstly changed the orientation of the light fitting so the switches were facing the one direction (in our case aft), next was to standardized the bulb position then we installed a small LED in the housings of some ceiling lights again keeping to a standard position. 

The LED serves three purposes; the first is that the LED makes the light fitting easy to find in the dark, the second is a way of identifying which way to turn the switch to select the red globe so you don’t lose your night vision by unwittingly turning on the bright white light. The third is the LED indicators are only fitted into lights in the passageways or clear space so we can follow them and not run into bulkheads or cupboards.   

The light housings we didn’t install the indicator LED in have some form of obstruction under them for example the table and galley bench.  A simple solution that makes it easier for us and it’s great for visitors who can quickly find the cabin light, the switch and importantly which way to turn the switch.  

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