Tuesday 3 May 2016

Boat Stamp

Boat Stamp
The Indonesians love anything official. A boat stamp will not only make life easier with all the paper work about to besiege us, it will also put us in good stead when working with officials. We looked at many sites online and for us we found Laserwrite Promotions at www.laserwritepro.com worked well for us. They where very easy to deal with and we found their pricing to work well with our budget.

Deciding on what to put on the stamp, how big, what shape and art work if any was a fun task. We took our design off a friends stamp and Bruce used paint to alter it to suit us. For the size we referred to previous stamps in our passport for the size which worked well. The round shape we found easier to fit on page on the passport. The only art work we used was a 'rope' to decorate the outside of the circle.

The writing on the stamps is purely a matter of preference. We decided on: Vessel Name, the words 'Australian' and ' Registered Vessel', and Matilda's official number. We considered our MMSI and call sign but decided there can be too much information and at the end of the day the stamp is used for identification and her O/N and her name is exactly the information officials need.

A word of advise: when you draw up your stamp prior to submitting to the stamp maker, view it in the size it will be made in. We didn't and found our o/n  a little small on the completed stamp.

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