Friday 13 May 2016

Filling Water Tanks from Town Supplies

Filling the water tanks from a town supply can be a hit and miss affair, in the past we have been caught out when we filled the tanks with water that was so highly chlorinated we think the local public pool would have had less. 

We are not sure of the reason for the over chlorination but since then we now follow a short procedure prior to filling the tanks. Firstly we let the hose run for at least a minute and take a sample; we then check the sample for smell, clarity and taste. Once the water passes our short test we fill a tank, but don’t fill the next tank with out doing the same tests again. 

In addition to the pre fill tests we run the water through an activated charcoal filter to filter out organic impurities. The parts required to put a filter together are available at the local hardware store and its easy to assemble your own.  

All set to go, just plug onto the tap.

Sealed for Stowage

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