Friday 27 May 2016

Blogs, books, guides and websites we found useful.

Heading overseas in Matilda to Indonesia is one of the most exciting decision of our life. To ensure we were getting the most out of the experience we read a lot about everything and anything we could find. We like to inform ourselves.

The internet is the most amazing tool for research. These are the websites and guides that we found interesting and helpful.

Websites and Blogs:

Books/Guides/Maps we purchased new & some second hand from markets & book stores.
  • We purchased an International Travel Map for South East Asia
  • Lonely Planets (new and second hand) on Indonesia & Thailand
  • An Indonesian phrase book by Lonely Planet
  • Pocket guide on Bali (second hand) 
  • Cruising Indonesia - written by Lea Pennicott off the sailing vessel Tientos
  • Nathaniel’s Nutmeg - written by Giles Milton
  • Cruising Guide to Indonesia - written by Andy Scott
  • South East Asia Pilot - written by Andy Dowden & Bill O'Leary

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