Friday 27 May 2016

Internet & Mobile Phone coverage

While in Indonesia will I have access to the interest and will I have phone coverage? Good questions,,,,

Keep in mind Indonesia has a population of approx. 260+ million and Australia has 29 million. Even if over half of the Indonesians have phones their network coverage is extensive. They also live via their social media. So will you have coverage, yes of course you will but will the data be as we know it - maybe not. Their lines are very full of users, so data maybe slower than what you are use to, but you will still have it. Evenings are definitely slower than during the day on the network.

You must ensure your phone is unlocked prior to leaving Australia.

Interesting statistical data such as: Indonesia has nearly as many mobile phones as it does people. As of September 2013, there were 236.8 million active mobile phones and about 237.6 million people. The number of mobile phone subscriptions was at 285 million and rising as per the website - Living in Indonesia.

Telkomsel seems the most popular. 
When dialing mobile and land line numbers enter these prefix codes for a cheaper rate (they use the Indonesian Satellite System):
  • 01019 
  • 01017 
TIP OF THE DAY: Unlock all of your devices before you leave Australia.


  1. We found we could get internet reception in most places but that it was often very slow and sometimes impossibly slow. Sim cards and credit are very cheap.

  2. Thanks for that info - I guess good news with a touch of slow news!