Friday, 26 August 2016

Extra stop: Ciendah Bay 25 - 26 August, over night stop only.

An over night stay only in Ciendah Bay. We did not go ashore here. At the base of the bay is the village, it looks pretty big with loads of squid boats in the water. We wondered during the afternoon why so many squid boats in one village - turns out as the sun was setting we must be in a squid infested bay - all the boats came out and we were surrounded by these magnificent crafts.

The image of blue water, the village, boats, barren mountains belittled by towering jungle covered mountains is incredible. Loads of coconut trees about.

Anchored at 08 30.40S & 121 41.12E in 10 meters of water. Internet and provisioning is available here.

We used google maps to enter as Navionics don't show reefs or rocks accurately.

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