Wednesday 17 August 2016

Extra stop: Tanjung Gedong August 16 - 17 August, over night stop only.

Fisherman about to leave for a days fishing.
After leaving Leba Leba bay we decided to make a run for Tanjung Gedong. Tanjung meaning Point. We had to crank up the engine as we needed to enter Gedong with some day light. As it turned out we entered right on dark and had a friend come in his tender and show us where to put the anchor down. The little bay has its own village, but we did not go ashore here.

Matilda round the point to Gedong - cutting it fine for some light but it was a glorious full moon.

Thanks to the Captain of Serica, we anchored just in front of him.

We anchored in 9 meters of water at 08 04.69 & 122 50.70E. This was very close to shore and we still could have gone in closer. There are bommies closer to shore on the port side as you enter, give it a wide berth.

The fleet.

In the morning before we left we could see many local busy on the foreshore. Moving water (carrying on their heads), repairs on fishing vessels, fisherman coming and going and plenty of kids running around playing games and squealing with excitement.

Boat repairs on the foreshore.

Colorful boats at anchor,

Local ladies transporting water. Love the lady on the right of shot - she has a red pan under her chin to catch the water no doubt leaking from the ones on her head.
A few of the rally participants went ashore here and said the market & town where very basic. Some saw monkeys on the beach.

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