Thursday 25 August 2016

Extra stop: Nangarujong 24 - 25 August, over night stop only.

We left Maumere early around 0645 heading to Maurole but we were there around midday so we continued on to the next bay called: Nangarunjong. There was yet another 'festival' on at Maurole and we felt the need for some isolation and freedom from the pack.

We didn't go ashore here, just anchored for the night. We had the entire bay to ourselves until early evening when another rally boat joined us.

We anchored at 08 30.49S & 121 41.42E in approximately 10 meters. There is no internet here and no provisioning available.

No village here that we could see, but knew there was some close by as the tell signs of children on the beach, cows being 'walked', fishermen and smoke as dinners cooked could be seen.

The bay does however have a steam power plant which at night was lit up like a Christmas tree giving us a good land based target during the night when checking we were still in the same location.

The steam power plant.

Local fisherman

His sails are typical of fisherman we see everyday.

Another magnificent sunset.

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