Thursday 25 August 2016

Lists of mechanical/rigging & general breakdowns and illnesses & accidents for the fleet while on the rally.


  • Clutch plate
  • water in engines
  • sails unstitching
  • sails ripping
  • rats & mice on board chewing wires
  • water pipes bursting
  • HF's not working
  • VHF's not working
  • loose alternator belts
  • generators leaking water pumps
  • generators general breakdowns
  • starter solenoid failing
  • burst fuel lines
  • burst oil cooling fitting on gear box
  • broken rigging blocks
  • hydraulic failures, including hydraulic steering hose bursting, failure of the hydraulic pump solenoids
  • tenders damaged at docks (getting caught underneath as the tide rises and then stuck fast)
  • tenders rubbing - holes
  • tender outboards failing
  • air in fuel systems, (incorrect fuel filter) one was caused by a loose fitting on the fuel pickup inside the fuel tank, split hose, fuel shut off valve leaking in air  
  • rudder bearing failure/falling off
  • total engine failure, due to improper servicing for a couple of years

  • flu's
  • colds
  • malaria
  • falls - scrapped shins, knees, legs etc
  • dengi feaver
  • spider bites
  • eye infections
  • allergic reactions
  • diarrhea
  • food poisoning
  • fingers caught in electronic winches including furler's
  • Of the vessels with electric or hydraulic winches 50 % had some form of accident causing crew injury with the powered winch or furler, in one case a finger was almost totally severed.   

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