Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Stop 5: Leba Leba Bay, Lowoleba, Lembata Island. August 15 - 16 2016

Coastal trader (still used) at the dock at Lowoleba Harbour.
An over night run from Hoga Island to the Island of Lembata. We anchored in Leba Leba Bay and the capital of Lembata is Lowoleba - all these similar names do get a bit confusing sometimes. We had fantastic winds until about 2 hours out of the run in and the wind just totally died - which was to be indicative of the run all along the island of Flores, no wind. Our journey in was breath taking as we where now in the land of volcano's.

Heading for the anchorage and thats our volcano we anchor beside.

Very interesting once we left Hoga and sailed through the reef pass we saw houses along the reef edge. One of the structures was quite substantial and we wondered if it was a dive platform.

Its hard to capture the structures out the reef due to distance, but this gives some idea.
Our anchorage location was 08 22.17S & 123 24.51E in approx. 7 meters of water with very good holding.

Spider boats = Squid boats. High and dry, a good time to clean the bottom of the boat.

Aways a mosque. The guy flying is advertising to us about the gala dinner that night!
Pulling into Leba Leba bay was surreal, the water was calm and very protected. For those who know Twofold Bay, Eden NSW, it was not unlike pulling in there with the exception of being overshadowed by a huge volcano. This region is know for its whale hunting. We did not attend a tour due to coming in late, but others did and said it was very interesting. The local did not slaughter a whale while the tour was happening but we later heard that the next day they killed 3 sperm whales. A couple of our fleet participants where there and took many photos. This is the local way of surviing and yet those who watched on still felt it very difficult to watch.

We only stayed one night and did not go into town. However on the advise of a fellow cruiser as soon as we had dropped anchor we headed ashore for a late lunch prior to the evenings festivities. We are so glad we did as the lunch was cheap and very tasty.

Our lunch cafe with the sign.

Our greeting party.

Agnes who cooked our lunch. Her cafe is pictured above.

Every time we attend a festival we know where to go, as we just look for the flags!
As we only had a very short stay (over night) we did not go into town which is a little taxi, bus or motor bike ride away but heard very good reports of the markets. They apparently like most other markets sold most things we needed to stock up on.

Some of the structures are a bit of a worry.

Fisherman hard at work. Love the volcano in the distance.
The nights gala dinner was delicious, we again endured more speeches in Indonesian but the dancing was great and we all love it when they ask us to all join in. Another great night was had by all those attending.

Gala dinner night - our welcoming party.

We are very well looked after.

After speeches we are welcomed (or in this case farewell'd) by many dancers. Some of the fleet have joined in.

Matilda leaving the bay.

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