Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Extra Stop: Kilo, Sumbawa Island, September 7, over night stop only

The journey from Loh Serau - Flores to Kilo, Sumbawa Island was a long 13 hour trip. We anchored in 08 19.74S & 118 23.14E in 10 meters of water.

The current between Sangeang Api volcano on Sangeang Island and Sumbawa is extraordinary. This is why we took so long to to arrive at Kilo. Matilda was often forced down to 2.2 knots.

We entered in the dark at 1930 and the shallower water is found quite close to the shoreline here. We did drop anchor a bit further out than needed. Entering in the dark here, while not ideal was not too bad but we had several other rally boats in the anchorage talking to us on the VHF and they had reported seeing no FADs upon entering the anchorage.

Due to arriving in the dark and leaving at first light, I don't have any photos of the anchorage. But its a good size and can host lots of boats.

As we left the anchorage in the morning heading to Kananga, Sumbawa Island 4 other rally boats all reported seeing pilot whales swimming alongside them - what a treat.

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