Friday, 2 September 2016

Extra Stop: Gili Bodo, September 2 - 4 2016

It took us just under 8 hour to motor sail from Lingeh Bay to Gili Bodo - Sabibi Island, a small island just off Flores. We anchored at 08 22.13S & 120 00.92E in 20 meters for water.

Coming in and around the Island of Sabibi the reef is very clear and we used Open CPN with Google chart overlaid and using SV Ocelots (The Hacking Family) track. Its not an enormous anchorage, but it easily fitted 8 boats while we were there, you just have to expect to anchor in deep water if the sand patch has 3 boats already in it.

We could have moved around a bit to find shallower water once a few others left but felt the anchor was dug in nicely and we weren't going anywhere. There is not much current in here but you are anchored in between a fair amount of coral so we sat still.

When we arrived we were greeted by this (we assumed) father & son who came asking for anything we could share.
The anchorage is fantastic. Monkeys came out each afternoon looking foraging for food on the shore line. The snorkeling is a treat with fabulous visibility. We simply dropped into the water to snorkel off the stern of Matilda and due to very little current it was easy to float around and we felt very safe.

After two nights, many snorkels and a great night of sun-downers on the beach we hauled anchor and motored onto Labuan Bajo and the Dragons!

Flores Island in the background.

Not a bad view while enjoying sun-downers on a friends boat.

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