Thursday, 8 September 2016

Extra Stop: Kananga, Sumbawa Island, September 8, over night stop only

Another long day to Kananga, Sumbawa Island, but pleasant. We took 8 hours to get there and enjoyed sailing along for 6 hours this day. We dropped anchor at 08 08.45S & 117 46.00E in 19 meters of water. Again we could of anchored in much closer but the depth here shows 200+ meters, 88 meters and then 8 meters very close to shore and we worried if we turned stern to we may hit the bottom being so close.

There was a note we found in someones blog that stated if we anchored out the front of the red roofed hut we would find 9 meters. Unfortunately for us we only read this after the fact and laughed as friends motored in a dropped anchor right in front of the red roofed hut in said 9 meters!

Local ferry, rather large and fully loaded with people all peering at us as we passed.

Sunset with a lone fisherman trying for his dinner.
The anchorage was a surprise as its basically an open road-stead with only Satonde island for any protection, but we had a very comfortable night and enjoyed sun-downers on Matilda with our friends.

Our friends boat as we left Kananga. To the left of the picture is Satonde Island and to the right is Sumbawa Island.

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