Friday, 9 September 2016

Extra Stop: Gili Lawang, Lombok Island September 9, over night stop only

The trip from Kananga to Gili Lawang Island off Lombok via the Alas Strait - Selat Alas (Indonesian) took us 12 hours so quite a long trip and we motored most of the way. We anchored at 08 17.91S & 116 40.01E in 7 meters of water under yet another volcano - the massive Rinjani.

As a point of interest Rinjani exploded 20 days after we left the anchorage, a new reports can be read here.

Matilda entering the anchorage with Mt. Rinjani in the background.

Sun setting over Mt. Rinjani

Two rally boats sustained damage to their sails ripping the webbing off at the head of the sails as they transversed Selat Alas so take care here. The winds can catch you by surprise as they funnel through.

There is also a wonderful anchorage between the reefs on the western side of Gili Lawang and a few rally boats who got in early to see the reef loved the anchorage.

Fishing boats on Lombok Island side.
We anchored on Lombok side just up from the worlds largest oyster farm producing the worlds most sort after pearls. This farm is owned by the Japanese. At first we actually thought the oyster/pearl farm was a prison, as the security surrounding it is pretty full on.

Oyster farm. Pretty impressive security complete with guard houses and incredible amounts of wire fencing.

The fence surrounding the oyster/pearl farm.
A little rolly here but a good secure anchorage.

Sun setting over Lombok.

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