Friday 3 March 2023

Checking the Gearbox Oil Level


After changing the oil I have always have problems sighting the level on the dip stick that is until I learnt this simple trick. I get a piece of paper towel fold it until it will easily hold its shape. As soon as I remove the dipstick from the gearbox I hold it flat onto the paper towel and check the width of the mark made by the oil. I simply check this mark against the level mark on the stick when it first touches the paper. Previously I would have trouble checking the level and after pulling out the dip stick it was very hard to see the thin film on the stick. The longer it took the more likely the actual measurement would not be accurate. This method will work with both the automatic transmission fluid and mineral oil based lubricants.  

As can be seen here there will be some wicking of the lubricant into the paper towel, however when the stick first touches the paper a more accurate level can be observed.

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