Saturday 19 January 2019

ANZAC Biscuits

125g Butter
2         Tbs golden syrup
1         Tsp Baking soda
1         Tbs Boiling water
1/2         Cups Coconut
1         Cup rolled oats
3/4         Cup of flour

Melt butter golden syrup in a saucepan large enough to hold and mix all ingredients. Once melted cool slightly, Dissolve baking soda in in the tablespoon of boiling water and add to the sauce pan with the remaining ingredients. Mix well. Place rounded teaspoon of mixture on to an oven tray covered with baking paper, (alternative is a greased baking tray), allowing room for spreading, flatten the balls with the back of a spoon.

Bake at 180 deg C for 10-15 minutes or until golden.

Remove from tray quickly after removing from the oven and cool on a wire rack. Store in an air tight container.

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