Saturday, 15 October 2016

Stop 13: Karimunjawa, October 15, 2016. Over night stop only,

We sailed overnight from Bawean to Karimunjawa. The trip took us 26 hours to cover 145 nautical miles. We mostly motor sailed and motored. Some sailing was had only when squalls hung around and kicked up some wind.

We anchored in 17 meters of water at 05 52.58S & 110 25.6E with good holding. Arriving at 0800 on the 15th we were able to navigate the channel between Karimun & Menjangan Besar. The channel is marked with good markers and isn’t very long.

A small floating home, or fishing hut right beside the green beacon.
During the night we had to dodge several passenger ferries, they seem to like to come over for a look, which is very unnerving. We also had to navigate several long liners. These vessels are fairly easy (at the time) to distinguish as they don’t have light like squid boats. They do have lots of lights but all of these ones had 2 very bright lights out the back. They seemed to be in packs of 3 at the time we sailed through and when they are about to drop their nets, they push out a flags on a ball which will have a ‘little’ light flashing.

While here we rung Hasim for solar (diesel) on 0853 2507 1626. His solar at the time was 10,000 Rupiah for 1 litre which is a good price.

Before Dinner we enjoyed a walk around the evening markets.

A common way to complete boat repairs in Indonesia.

The anchorage is exposed to the West, but has a little reef for some protection. Here we went ashore and had pizza which was very good. The town here is quite large. The streets are clean and there is loads of locals about. Before dinner we enjoyed a cold Bintang at a marvelous place on the water in superb settings.

Karimun has a good ferry service to Java if need be. While we were here a passenger ferry came in, well it anchored a fair way out and they pick up and drop off their passengers via the little run abouts.

On the run up we caught a Mahi Mahi fish which gave us 4 fish fillets. It was great to eat fish & chips again!

There was a quite a lot of floating homes and buildings here, giving the area an interesting look.

If your arriving here early morning, have your camera ready and look behind you – the sun rising is spectacular.
The local ladies all found great amusement with Bruce's mustache.

Sun rising over the Java Sea.

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