Sunday, 23 October 2016

Extra Stop: South Lingga, October 23 2016. Over night stop only.

This anchorage is awesome. We took 13.5 hours to get here from Panbatijang Island, covering 60 nautical miles. Dropping the anchor at 00 19.11S & 104 55.74E in 5 meters of what we think was sand. The bay is huge and very calm. We watched a crocodile swim from one side of the huge bay to the other: don’t swim here!

The channel between Lingga Island and Sunsa Island is very picturesque, but the current can run up to 3 knots. Take care to keep a look out for the floats as the local fishermen make the most of the water flow here for fishing. Make sure you watch out for the light house. It is extremely well kept, and if we had of had more time we would have gone for a walk up the stairs for a look.

Down the bottom of the bay was a village with spread out (we think) huts/homes on stilts. Worth a visit if you have time.

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