Tuesday 25 October 2016

Extra Stop: Kentar Island, October 25 2016. Over night stop only. Equator Crossing.

The excitement building from an impromptu gathering last night knowing the equator was being crossed today was certainly still buzzing this morning.  We only took 3.5hrs from Konga Besar to drop anchor at Kentar Island as its only 15 nautical miles. We anchored at 00 03.29N & 104 45.47E dropping anchor in 10 meters with good holding. Upon entering the anchorage we were treated to a water spout in the distance. Certainly a sight to behold for those never seeing one, but quite the scary.

The fringing reef and out crop rocks around Kentar extend a long way out, give the corner as you come in a wide berth and don’t go in close to the shore as one of our rally boats discovered, there are some massive bommies here and again the reef is out a long way off shore!

We had some children come out for a visit. Not much English was spoken, but they seemed sweat enough, and didn’t hassle like some.

We stopped at the equator to celebrate, even dropping our anchor in 15 meters of water to do a few traditional antics such as: the Captain ran 3 times around the deck naked, we had a celebratory drink sharing a little with King Neptune – God of the Ocean and we both had a nudie swim together off the back of the deck. We shared the experience with El Gato and Kereru, what fun it was. Actually the sense of achievement was a bit over whelming.

We all celebrated once in the anchorage onboard the beautiful Serica. Everyone took along a plate and laughed the night away in the Northern Hemisphere.

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