Saturday, 22 October 2016

Extra Stop: Panbatijang Island, October 22nd, 2016. Over night stop only.

We had a good start to the day from NE Bangka to here, fitting in a good sail. We stopped at 01 09.18S & 105 17.93E dropping the anchor in 15 meters. Be very careful here. There is an extensive reef from our way points to the north and one of our fleet boats had his anchor wrapped around a rock/bommie. Apart from that is a glorious well protected spot. Some of the fleet went to Cebia Island, just South West of Panbatijang. Cebia is at 01 12.4S & 105 16.53E. Panbatijang is also known as Palau Pekacang – north anchorage on the west side and also on the west side on the southern end is Palau Tuju 01 10.453S & 105 18.054E.

We went for a look around and a snorkel from the anchorage. Most of the coral was dead and broken. However we still saw quite a few fish, 2 stingrays and one of our friend saw a huge maori wrasse. The place is littered with enormous rocks, some are in the water we snorkeled in which was quite the sight and the fish certainly seemed to enjoy the nocks and crannies.

Some of the fleet took their tenders over to the little beach and enjoyed some beach combing.

No internet or phone here at the time of our visit.

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