Thursday 15 August 2019

Matilda's Hommus


1 400g Can Chick peas
1 Tbs Tahini or Smooth Peanut Butter
100 ml Yogurt/sour cream or Kewpie mayonnaise sauce
1 Pinch Cummin
2-3 Cloves Garlic
1 Lemon

1 Tbs  Morrocan seasoning or to taste ***Optional

If you like the store brought style of Hommus use the yogurt or sour cream to make a smooth consistency. I on the other hand don't really like store brought style and like to funk it up and make it smoother with the addition of Kewpie mayonnaise sauce. This delivers a sweeter smooth taste, and if I am serving it with raw seasonal crunchy veg crudités I like to add the Moroccan seasoning to gain another level of flavour. Be careful with the addition of lemon add only half the lemon juice and after blending taste, its very easy to make the mix too lemony, the same with the garlic; different seasons produce stronger flavours add 2 and taste test before adding more. Being as how Tahini is almost but impossible to source in some countries, peanut butter makes a great substitute. We also use freshly ground cummin seeds, because in the tropics the ground cummin seed powder goes off in a very short time.  When the cummin seeds are freshly ground it also adds better depth of flavour.

Ready to blend. 

This recipe requires you to hunt out a can of really good-quality chickpeas – they have much better flavour, so will guarantee an amazing result. Tip the jar of drained chickpeas, into a blender. Add the tahini, cummin and Kewpie mayonnaise sauce then peel and add the garlic. Squeeze in the lemon juice, then blitz in a small processor bowl or with a hand blender until smooth. Taste and season to perfection. If for some reason the mix appears to be too dry add some more Kewpie mayonnaise sauce, or even some good quality olive oil to smooth out the mixture.

Chill and serve with biscuits/crackers/crunchy veg crudités

We have found this hommus makes a great spread on fresh hot toast in the morning for breakfast.