Tuesday 26 February 2019

Matilda's Chocolate Cake No 1

A simple, easy to make but very tasty Chocolate Cake

1/2 Cup Sugar
1 TBS Butter
1 Cup Flour
2 TSP Baking powder
1/4 Cup Milk
1/4 Cup Water
1 TBS Golden Syrup
1 Egg
1 TBS Cocoa
1/2 TSP Bi-Carb. Soda

Beat butter and sugar to a cream, add egg, then syrup. (we use a hand whisk) Beat in the sifted flour, baking powder and cocoa, then add in the milk. Finally add in the bi-carb soda.

The mixture will be very moist, this is how its supposed to be. Bake in a 8" 20 cm sandwich tin in a 180 deg C (375 deg F) oven for 3/4 of an hour. We start checking after 1/2 an hour as our oven can be a bit fast.

1 TBS =  20 ml
1 TSP =   5 ml
1 Cup = 250 ml

Ice the top by mixing 2 TBS butter, with 2 TBS cocoa and enough icing sugar to make a workable icing, you may add a little water if the mix becomes to thick. When the cake has cooled spoon icing on to the top of the cake and spread out with the back of the spoon

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