Friday 13 July 2018

Malaysian Visa Run

We decided to do a visa run from Terengganu to Rantau Panjang. Our original plan was to check out at Terengganu and sail up to Koh Samui - Thailand, but that didnt pan out so we needed to do a visa run. We decided to do it ourself (as in no agent) and this is what we did.

We accidentally drove into Thailand!
Hired a car off Operasi Pengusaha Kereta Sewa Malaysia Berhad. Cawangan Di Seluruh Malaysia. Phone +60164212409. They bought the car to the Duyong Resort Marina here at Terenggau and they picked it up the next day for RM 130 plus a charge of RM 20 for drop off and pick up. We were happy with that as normally the cars are picked up from either the airport or their depot in town, a Grab would have cost us RM17 there and back anyway.

Malaysian boarder control. To the far left is the Pedestrian lane.
In total the drive took us 3 hours one way and about 4 hours back. We went the coast road back and the traffic was badly congested in some parts. However, in general the drive up and back was good with excellant roads and no tolls.

Thailand boarder control. The car is heading directly for the pedestrian lane (the car will verge to the left). The building with the point is Imigresen. You walk in from the other side and out this side shown.
Pejabat Imigresen Rantau Panjang is located at 6.0210 N, 101.9764 E. This is the Malaysian boarder check point beside he Sungai Golok, also known as The Boarder River. You are not meant to take your hire car over the boarder in to Thailand. There is a car park  within walking (about 2 minutes walk) distance before the Malaysian check point.

  1. Park the car, Malaysia side.
  2. Walk over to Imigresen pedestrian lane. Its on the left side. Present your passport, get stamped out (check out) no questions asked. 
  3. Walk over the the bridge into Thailand and directly in front of you is Imigresen. Go in there, complete the arrival slip (like on a plane) and go to the counter for checkin. We did get asked questions and answered honestly saying we were doing a visa run. The officer, asked us: 'So you are going straight back?', we said yes and he checked/stamped us into Thailand.
  4. Walk out the door, turn right and go to the pedestrian booth. The officer will stamp/check you out. We were not asked any questions here. 
  5. Walk back over the bridge to Malaysia, following the pedestrian signage (just stay left). 
  6. Proceed to the counter and you will be checked in for 90 days. We had no questions asked, and were welcomed back in to Malaysia. 
We were never asked about our boat and we did not have to show any other papers other than our passports.

No charges or fees.....easy.

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