Friday 8 June 2018

Cruising Spinnaker

Why do we use our cruising spinnaker so much.  

Keeping this short and sweet, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Not an unusual sight, not much wind today. Lets make the most of what we have got.
Up with the Cruising Spinnaker, on really light breeze days (0-10) we run with out the main up, keeping an eye out for increasing wind strength

Here we go 3.3-3.7 Knots boat speed in 7-9 Knots of breeze. Its a whole lot easier on every thing than motoring and keeps the cabin cooler.    

On those days where it is actually blowing 10-15 Knots we can get a nice turn of speed, we run with the main up on these days so we can shield the spinnaker with it when its time to pull it down

So at the end of the day we can sit in the anchorage drink a cold one and enjoy the sunset

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