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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Maintenance, Repairs and Running Around Preparations while in Cairns.

The following two lists are what we did prior to leaving Cairns and is not a guide these are just our own lists. The lists are general. 

  • Check life jackets are current and in good order
  • Make a seat for the tender (lost the original)
  • Install the depth sounder in the tender
  • Build a cupboard in the aft port cabin over the removed freezer space
  • Mount fridge fans for better air flow
  • Mount 2 new saloon fans
  • Reseal the screws on all stanchions
  • Reseat the fairleads (still trying to eliminate a small leak)
  • Clean the rust off the engine mounts
  • Clean the rust off the mast base
  • Service the engine (oil change, gear box oil change, tighten all fan belts, check all electrical fittings are ok, check for any signs of water leaks, check for any sign of oil leaks, check the condition of all hoses – replace annually the fuel hoses due to being under pressure, lubricate the control cables, check the propeller shaft & bolts & seal)
  • Service the auto pilot
  • Fit the new alternator (to ensure it is the correct one)
  • Fit the new starter motor (to ensure it fits)
  • Screw down the engine start battery box
  • Check all the spare parts and order whats needed
  • Rebuild the toilet pump
  • Repair the salt water hand pump in the galley
  • Make a hold down for the stove
  • Make a fuel polisher & trial run it
  • Polish all the stainless steel
  • Make a harness for the sea-brake
  • Service and grease all the winches
  • Screw on clip fittings in the aft locker for all pipe items eg. Bilge pump handles etc
  • Check crab pot bag its holding water
  • Drill holes in all stanchions (to drain water and stop them rusting)
  • Secure the jerry cans (diesel and water)
  • Secure the timber side boards
  • Secure spare gas bottle
  • Repair all hatches & screens
  • Mosquito proof all screens, doraide vents & companion way
  • Make up security cables (with locks) for outboard engine, tender while at the dock, jerry cans
  • Devise a way to collect rain water
  • Safety line strops
  • Make a drinks table for the table in cockpit

  • Brew shop
  • Purchase a stash of wine
  • Purchase good walking shoes (eg. Keens) that can also get wet when using the tender
  • Order spare sail cloth & spinnaker repair kits
  • Buy containers for spaghetti, fettuccine & rolled oats that are well sealed
  • Source spare soda stream gas refills
  • Source a street address for deliveries
  • Source a spare gas bottle & fill empty gas bottles
  • Order a spare toilet seal
  • Order spare spectra rope
  • Buy spare torches
  • Buy spare batteries
  • Silver marking pen
  • Spare label maker cartridge
  • Order cyrovac bags
  • Need a drill bit for the stanchions
  • Order paper chart packs
  • Order CF chip for the chart plotter
  • Stainless steel tie wire
  • Coles shop
  • Fabric for a privacy screen over our bunk
  • Pinch daughter’s mini iPad and iPhone
  • Find a repair shop for the tender propellers to be fixed
  • BCF for various bits and pieces
  • Chandlery for various bits and pieces (U bolts, thimbles, shackles, clips etc)
  • Super Cheap Auto for various bits and pieces
  • Bunnings for various bits and pieces
  • Jaycar for various bits and pieces
  • Westpac: new accounts and new debit cards
  • Bank of Queensland: order Rupiah & advise going overseas
  • Order 30 liters of engine oil and have it delivered
  • Explore health insurance (didn’t go ahead as its too expensive)
  • Organise Blue Water boat insurance for Matilda (went with Top-Sail)

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