Navigation and OpenCPN

While I am not an OpenCPN expert I have been asked or offered help on numerous occasion to cruisers perplexed with getting some of the functions up and running. The help files are very good but some of the time we all just need it laid out simply.

A Raspberry PI running OpenCPN 


Setting up our Raspberry Pi With Open Plotter 


OpenCPN Layers setting up

OpenCPN using KAP overlay charts

OpenCPN setting up interactive cruising guide

Navigation Software

Programs to Manipulate Edit and Display GPS Files 

Electronic Hardware (reserved for future link)

Tide & Current Information

Compass Variation & Deviation

Distance Speed & Time

Working with Coordinates

Measurement Conversions

Apparent Movement of the Sun

Distance of the Visible Sea Horizon

Helpful Sail Calculations

Volume, Weights, Pressure, Speed of Sound

Temperature Conversions

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